Teacher Appreciation: My "Must Haves"

May 7, 2014

 Oh....there are FOR SURE more than 3 "must haves" in my room.  Actually, I teach in three different rooms.  So I really could have three sets of "must haves."  But...I'll stick to my top three :)

 Can we really live without Post-its?  Um...no!  I have them plastered all over the place with to-do lists, reminders, reflections.  And then there are the endless uses for lessons and the kids love to use them!

Markers have become quite a staple in my groups this year.  It started when I didn't have enough pencils sharpened in my reading group.  But I really love using them because I can see their mistakes, use them as highlighters, and they are motivating!

My timer!  I can't live without it.  Just can't!  I use it throughout my guided reading group to keep me on track :)  Look at this poor thing.  It has been dropped, misplaced, lost, and it just keeps on ticking for me!

What are your "must haves?"

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  1. Love the timer and the fact that it keeps on ticking! I just bought a new set of markers this year because so many of mine had dried up. They are wonderful!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. We both had post-its and markers on out lists! I definitely use my timer often throughout the day. I have a digital one like yours, but I have the kid use the 1 minute sand timers since they are so much quieter.

  3. How are you using the markers in groups?
    Grade ONEderful


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