Let's Host a Book Swap

Jul 23, 2014

My girls and I worked hard this past week to throw a Book Swap party!  We wanted to share some of our favorite books and get some "new" ones.  I wrote all about it over at Adventures in Literacy Land! 

I created some Book Swap materials so that you can host your own at home or at school!  If you hop over to Literacy Land soon, you may be able to grab a pack for free!



  1. So fun! We do one around Right to Read Week but I think it would be fun to have them more often...maybe a monthly book swap!?! Love that you turned it into a party!
    A Pirates Life for Us

  2. What a fun idea. I'm going to have to try having one!

  3. Loved the ideas you share for the Book Swap! Next time we hold ours, I plan to include the picnic. Perfect way to promote literacy and family time. :)


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