Craft GIVEAWAY: Creative Teacher Bookmarks

Aug 8, 2014

 It is that time again!!! Yea!!! A Creative Teacher Giveaway!  It is important for teachers to show that creative side (I know, I if we don't in the classroom).  But it is still fun to create something new!

Last time I made handmade-stitched cards.  This time....(drum roll)...BOOKMARKS!  They are super cute ribbon and button bookmarks.  I think they would be perfect for students that are reading chapter books, volunteer gifts, or  just for yourself!  The inspiration came from this photo that I saw on Pinterest (I linked the image to the original source; however, it only takes you to an image):

So I will share with you how I made mine.  Then you can make some too!
Here's what you need to make one:

1. Any kind of ribbon (the length does not need to be exact)
2. Buttons (any kind laying around the house will work)
3. Elastic hair ties (any size will work--I only had the smaller ones)
4. Needle and thread

Here's what I did.
1. I wrapped the ribbon around a book.  I cut it a few inches short of the ends touching each other.
2. I sewed a button to one end of the ribbon.
3. I sewed the other end of the ribbon to the elastic band.

That's it!!  It should look like this:

But WAIT! Before you run off to make can win some that I made :)  Here they are:

All classroom or homeschool teachers in U.S. may enter to win these bookmarks.  If you win, I will email you.  Please respond with your address within 7 days so that you can use them right away! :) Good luck everyone!!

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 Now hop on over to I'm Lovin' Lit and find out what Erin has in store for you!!



  1. I would use these as special bookmarks in the classroom - either for specific books the kids could read or as special prizes.

  2. I would use them on our chapter book we read from daily

  3. I think these would make great Christmas gifts! They are so cute

  4. I would use them for our read aloud book.

  5. I would use them to keep the place in chapter books we read or in my teacher books....i would also share with my grade level because I know they would love them too!

  6. I would use them during literature circles to keep track of where each group is!

  7. Great Idea! I was thinking of guided reading also! Wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  8. I would use them in my class read aloud book, guided reading and some of my teacher books :-) Super Cute!!

  9. I would use them for my planner and all of the books we read!

  10. These are so cute! You are super crafty! :)


  11. I would use them with my guided reading groups!

  12. I would definitely use these in our chapter book reading! So cute!

  13. I would use them for my read aloud books, books I'm personally reading, books I'm reading to my daughters, and professional books.

  14. These are too cute for words! Thanks for the great directions too!
    Jenn :)
    Crayons & Cuties In Kindergarten

  15. I would use these for my "fun" books that I read for pleasure and also for my chapter read-alouds at school. Thanks for the chance to win!


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