True Love

Aug 16, 2014

I officially have a preschool graduate.

 I feel proud of her....and older.

But I have to say that watching her grow has given me such a different perspective on the reading process.  I thought I understood it as I watched my students become little readers and authors each year.  But to watch the process grow year after year...little by little...sounds to letters to letter sounds to words to phrases to sentences to books.  And on top of it  True love.  Can't pull her away from the book section at Target love.  Can't keep up with all the stacks of books all over the house love.
The transformation is just remarkable to me.

I really enjoy the process.


  1. Congratulations to your little graduate (and her parents)! I hope to one day watch a little reader grow in my house too; I'm sure it is totally different than seeing them beginning at age 5. Enjoy your last few days (week?) of summer!


  2. That is a fantastic picture!! Congratulations to her and to you!

  3. True love! Congratulations!! Now you have a kindergartner. I was recently talking to a preschool graduate and he said, "I'm in the grades, now!" He was so proud of his accomplishment as I'm sure your daughter must be. I hope she loves being "in the grades"!

  4. Aww! How sweet! Congratulations on your little graduate. I love this post. :)


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