A Bright Idea For A Part-Part-Whole Manipulative

Oct 18, 2014

I have been on a part-part-whole kick.  So let's just continue that with one more bright idea (well, for now!)

I love using number bracelets, divider plates, and shake and spill to work on part-part-whole.  But I wanted a manipulative that tied directly to the number bond graphic:

I started with chenille sticks (or pipe cleaners).

Then I created a number bond manipulative.  The two parts are one color and the whole is a different color.

Once it is made, students can use any kind of manipulatives to break apart numbers (buttons, beans, or beads.)  We used beads.

Students can move the beads around to create different combinations of a specific number.

The great thing...this number bond manipulative can be used over and over with different numbers.

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