A Beautiful Mess.....

Nov 25, 2014

SEVERAL weeks ago we finished up our Pattern Story unit.  It was a new unit to Em and I.  We, like all the Lucy lovers out there, had started the last two years with a small moments story.  This was hard, so VERY hard for our firsties.  Not only do they lack experiences, they lack the vocabulary and the ability to narrow it down to that one moment.  So... we tried it for two years. I know we probably should have tried it for one more, but we didn't.  We just abandoned it and decided to go with the pattern books that we had been thinking about doing for the last few years, but didn't know just how to fit it in.
The pattern unit took us about four weeks and we studied several different types of pattern stories. Then, we made a chart to write all our learning on.
This was the day we went through all our pattern stories in order to choose the one that was just right to publish.  I texted Em a picture of this beautiful mess.  It brought a tear to my eye.
Once the perfect piece was chosen we had to use our writer's eyes to revise and edit our pieces. 
This is also the day when I wear my Mike Wasowski shirt because let's face it, that guys writer's eye is AWESOME!  It's  my favorite......

A few of our finished on demand writing pieces.

 (A labeling pattern)

 (A time pattern)

 ( A back and forth pattern)

  (Telling a story pattern)
At some point in this lifetime I will have a rubric we created on here for you, stay tuned. :)
And... this past weekend we got into the holiday spirit by putting up our tree and decorations.  It's so funny how this year our tree is VERY front heavy from the middle to the bottom.  That's what happens when you have three girls that are under 50 inches. :) 
I'm going to love this memory and it makes me crack up every time I look at it.  We know it's before Thanksgiving, but this year we just couldn't stand to wait.  We've been rocking out to Christmas music EVERYWHERE. 

These two friends have reappeared and have already had a few adventures.

Louis (on the right) and Louise (or Lou-wiz as our 4 year old calls her) :)
Stay out of trouble friends... the elves are a watching. :)

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  1. Just reading about the pattern unit makes me so happy! Our kids finally felt successful at the beginning of the year and it makes me feel so good! Loved this post!!!


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