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Dec 7, 2014

It is the month that we focus instruction on the holidays.  And there are so many holidays to study during this month!  It is fun to take the kids on a tour of all the different celebrations around the world.

Last year we made a really important decision as a building (K-2).  We decided that we wanted to spend the entire week before winter break on the belief in our students.  Not their spiritual, religious, or cultural beliefs.  But the belief in themselves as learners.  It is the gift that we are able to give them everyday as teachers.  It is the gift that not all of them get in their home environments.  And it is a gift that they need.  Not to mention, a great way to end our year and to look forward to the new year ahead.

So we take an entire week to tell them...show them that WE believe in them as readers, writers, mathematicians, and learners.

KG fonts, Sweet Times in First border
Last year we worked to transform the building into a Winter Wonderland.  This year, we plan to do the same but have a few new tricks up our sleeves.  Here are some pins that we found to help us out. (click on image to go to original source)

Stars and Snowflakes Theme:

Source David Galbraith

Source: Curls of Red
 We hope to fill the hallways with snowflakes made from marshmallows or cotton balls, tinsel, white yarn, and white tulle.

Source: Unknown
Students will use this tree to display their "star" power.

Source: MPMideas
We want to recognize all the great things that our students do for each other!

If you want to check out some more ideas that we contemplating for for this year, click here to see our building "I Believe Week" pinterest board.

Each day of the week will have a theme.  Students can dress up for that day and there will be special activities planned.  Here is what we plan to do this year:

If you would like to do a week like this at your school, I am happy to share this sheet with you.  Just email me!  emhutchison@gmail.com


  1. What a fantastic idea! I love the Winter Wonderland theme and the "gift" you are giving to your students! Have fun! :)


  2. That's a wonderful and and powerful way to send an important message. Great job!

  3. I LOVE THIS! I am sharing it with my principal and interventionists as we plan our winter Family Literacy & Math Nights! You are a GENIUS, my friend!
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