Bright Ideas: Add a Little Color to Your Writing

Jan 17, 2015

 We are so excited to share our first bright idea of 2015!

A few months ago Em and I were brainstorming how to help our firsties remember lead vs. closure vs. meat of their stories.  We have picture clues but found while we had them posted everywhere and even on the papers, it just wasn't sinking in.  Last year we would use M&M's as bribery, I mean incentives.... green for capital letters and red for punctuation.  Em had the "Bright Idea" to transfer this awesomeness to our paper.  She had recently picked up a pack of green from our teacher free store and I had some pink laying around... BAM!  Green for lead and red (well... pink in our case) for closure. :)  All pages in between are white.  My teacher heart sings!

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  1. neat idea! I can see this really helping kids organize their writing. I teach first grade as well and might just give this a try. I hope you might pop by my blog as well some time.

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