Feb 26, 2015


After school a second grade teacher told me about a run-in with one of our firsties.  Here's how she said the conversation went down. (well.. the best my not-so-dependable brain can remember)  

Student:  "Umm..... Excuse me.  I found this hat in the bathroom, can you take it to the lost and found?"
Teacher:  "You know where it is, right?  You can take it there."
Student:  "Well... you see.  I'm in school. And I'm in Mrs. Eshman's writing class right now. And I need to finish my story."
Teacher: "I'll take it down." 

I guess we're doing something right Em! :)


  1. I love this sweet story! You ladies are definitely doing something right!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Primary Inspiration

    1. I feel like we all try so hard at this! It was so nice to hear that one firstie would rather write than roam the halls to deliver a hat to the lost and found. She's a gem! :)

  2. I love it! I hope he/she was able to get a lot done on the story! :)


    1. Hi Amanda!
      She has the CUTEST story! It's called "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Tractor!" I wish you could read it.

  3. That is such a GREAT compliment for a teacher. That's pretty cool! I have a similar little story I just heard from a mamma last week. This is her words:
    "K was playing with my Bible in the car and accidentally tore one of the pages (kind of upset me not going to lie). B without missing a beat looked and her and said, “Mrs. Rowland says that the most loved books have torn pages, so you must really love that book sister.” Humbling experience for me for sure. Thank you for being such a great influence on my boy!
    It almost made me cry! It's the little things that "reward" us as teachers!
    Karen Rowland

    Adventures With Firsties


    1. That is a WONDERFUL story. So sweet. You are making a BIG difference in your kiddos. :)
      Thanks so much for making me smile! :)


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