Putting It All Together: Fraction Wrap Up

Feb 3, 2015

I have been on quite the fraction kick.  But it came to an end today (well...does it ever REALLY come to an end?)  It came to a "formal" end with an assessment, but we will continue to revisit throughout the year.  But before we were ready for an assessment, we wanted to do some good ol' practice with fractions.

After all of our hands on activities: the ice cream, cracker divide, and fraction museum, we were ready to find out if they could apply it.  We decided on a Fraction SCOOT. We wanted something that allowed them to have practice.  But something that Jess and I could monitor and intervene with quickly.

This worked perfectly for both.

We set the classroom desks up in a square.  Jess and I stood in the middle so that we could move around, observe, and help as needed.
 Each kid had the answer sheet and there was one picture card on each desk.


They started to work and move!  Jess and I moved around and were able to quickly assess who needed more support and who understood the concept.  By the end of about 15 minutes, each kid had practiced the fraction concept 20 times.  YES!  That is just what we wanted.

Since I made several versions, we decided to try out one more with them.  It was a quick informal assessment for us, but good practice for them.  And some were very critical of the images that I used :)  So I changed them!

To follow up the lesson, we actually showed an episode of "Odd Squad."  Have you seen this show on PBS?  While my daughters were watching it, I discovered that it is very math based.  The episode we watched is called "Mystic Egg Pizza."  And it was PERFECT.  The fraction terms that we have teaching were used in this episode.  The kids had great discussions afterwards.  Click on the image below to check out the videos available on PBS.

Image from PBS.org

Do you have any great fraction lessons that you love to implement?  I would love to add them to our list to try out next year!  If you would like to check out Fraction SCOOTs, just click on the image below.



  1. I've never heard of the Odd Squad; I'll have to check it out! We love music and videos in my room. I also like the different recording sheet options; it would be a great way to differentiate for classes with kids on a wide variety of levels or to use throughout different points in the unit.



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