We ARE Mathletes!

May 1, 2015

This time of year can be so much fun in so many different ways.  One of those ways....showing what you've learned.
Today was Mathlete Day in my K-2 building.  I can and will take NO credit for this event.  My teammate, Jess, coordinated this event and it was one of the best times that I have had all year!

Here is what the scene looked like:
One playground.
20 math games.

14 staff members.
10-ish parent volunteers.
200 HAPPY, screaming, engaged children.

Here is how it worked:
Each kid received a 20 frame with a penny in each box.

They could go to any of the 20 games that they wanted.  Once the game was completed, the game volunteer would mark it off on their sheet.  15 games=15 cents=1 popsicle from the concession stand.

 There were 20 different games that hit the standards through interactive games like kicking soccer balls, throwing basketballs (into trash cans), or hitting shapes with water balls.  So many games...so much fun!

But one of my favorite...the human sized calculator!

We ARE mathletes!


  1. Mathletes - I love that. How clever!

  2. What a fun day; I love it! We have field day every year, but this would be a fun alternative at a different time during the year.



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