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Jul 26, 2015

Have you read "Of Primary Importance" yet?  A friend of mine a few years ago suggested I read this one since I solely teach writing. And friends... it's a great read!  But as all great reads go for teachers, this one is no different.  It got my wheels a turnin'.  At first I started to reflect on how much independence and freedom I give my kiddos in writers workshop.  My feelings were that I give them pretty much, but.... I could do better.  This for me is starting with what I put in my bins that live on student desks.  My thoughts are..... pens, pencils (blah), markers (the Papermate kind), stapler, erasers, dry erase markers, Post-Its and correction tape to name a few.

A few weeks ago Em was surprised with an email from The Pencil Grip asking us to check out some of their products.  Last week a box arrived filled with lots of goodies that we think will help our writers! 

First up.... a STAPLELESS STAPLER!  You read that right, friends.  No staples.  This means no refilling, staple jams, pinched fingers (I've done that too may times), nada.  I can not wait to teach our firsties how to use this amazing tool. On.the.first.day.

Have you ever had students with cuh-razy grips on their pencils and every writing utensil they come in contact with?  We had a *few* of these firsties last year.  One who had a quad pencil grip!  I don't know how she did it with such beautiful handwriting, but we're hoping this three step pencil grips will help those firsties that are struggling holding their pens/pencils/markers/etc. which in turn leads to them not wanting to write as much because they are working so hard to just maneuver their writing utensil.  These guys will definitely make it into our writing bins!

With that being said, The Pencil Grip also sent us two different types of stylus' that I would definitely add to our bins.  One we absolutely LOVED!  It was so different from the other stylus they sent because it was thicker and weightier.  We LOVED how we could feel that weight on our hands and thought it would be great for our firsties.  It also slid across the iPad so nicely.  We could see both being used on the iPad for firsties to "try" their words before writing them.  We're thinking it'll take a little more of the pressure off them to feel like they have to write it perfectly.

Last up..... pencil sharpeners.  Having these guys in our bins this year will a lifesaver!  I don't know about you, but I don't let my firsties use my electrical one because quite frankly.... they always break it and I need that guy to work....overtime.  These pencil sharpeners will save time for me, I'm just hoping I can teach my firsties to not be using for all of writers workshop or sharpening their pencils into little nubs.  I'm loving the one with the lid because it'll keep the mess inside and it's cute! 

We were so excited about these new additions to the Writer's Workshop bins that The Pencil Grip company is allowing us to give these products away to 8 reading...yes...EIGHT!!! Each winner will get the following bag of goodies:

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  1. The stylus looks great! I have a Crayola one that our OT recommended for a little one I had with some special needs and that is what my kids use. It is plastic with a triangular grip. Thanks for sharing your goodies!


  2. These look fabulous...and I love cookie dough ice cream! :)


  3. All of these look amazing! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway!


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