Obsession with School T-Shirts

Jul 10, 2015

We may just borderline on obsessive when it comes to personalized shirts.

It started off as very innocent...but quickly spiraled out of control. We have personalized Superman shirts, Curious Firsties "Home" shirts, "I Love Math" shirts, "READ" shirts, "Writer's Eye" shirts....I think the list actually does go on.  Is that obsessive?  And we actually have about 5 more ideas for this upcoming year.  Oh my!

Well...another shirt came in the mail this summer:

Look familiar?  Even though this is the name of our blog...we call our first graders "Curious Firsites" all year long, so this is a shirt that they will be seeing on me this year!

Along with the shirt came a brochure from the company A+Images, Inc.  I was not aware of all that they had to offer.  When we make our personalized t-shirts we have used a variety of different methods because I did not realize that there were companies out there that specialized in "teachery shirts."

A+Images offers teacher shirts, custom shirts, and class shirts (their drawings can even become shirts!).  They offer screen printing, embroidery, vinyl, direct-to-garment, and rhinestones.  This seems to open up a whole new set of possibilities for my team!

To check out A+Images and how they can help you create some shirts for your upcoming year, click on any of the links above or the social media buttons below:


Do you have any shirt ideas?  I would love to hear them!


  1. Your shirt is so cute! I am coming home from Vegas with 5 new shirts (most were giveaways, but one that says "kindergarten" down the side from A+ Images). They were very friendly at their booth too!


  2. That's sweet! I be your kids will enjoy seeing you in it too.


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