Oh Yes! Five For Friday

Feb 26, 2016

 This has been my first five day week in what feels like a long time due to scheduled days off for holidays or PD and snow days!  Wow....I'm exhausted.  But I wanted to share just a little from our busy week!


Today we celebrated being 100 days smarter!  It is not technically our 100th day of school.  But we base it off their number of the day sheet.  And this was the day that we finally hit 100.  This was one of my favorite shirts today.  All the classes (school wide) got to move around and do activities around the number 100 with different teachers.  There was so much energy in the school.


I am all about themes when it comes to story problems (or math stories--as we are trying to call them).  I think they invest in the math stories more when they revolve around one theme.  Currently...we are teddy bear store owners.  Each group named their store.  We have "Bears R Us," "Scruffy and Jerry's Teddy Bear Store," "Bear Mart," and "Build A Bear."  Pictured above are the math story mats that they they get to use.


I just have to say that whether it is a student or your own child (don't judge the Christmas pjs), when they realize they can read and are laughing out loud at a story they are reading...it is magical.


I started a new book this week.  Has anyone read this one?


Monday is finally Leap Day!  We have been counting down all month.  Each day a new item has been revealed.  We started with information about days, then weeks, then months of the year, and finally we reached the countdown bags that included the images above.  We wanted to show the difference between one day versus 4 years of time.  We used the visual of the dots above to illustrate this.  My teammate has done a great job planning tons of activities for Monday that will hopefully help our little kiddos understand the importance of Leap Year.  Do you have anything planned?

Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. What an adorable photo of your daughter reading! No judgement on the Christmas pjs...don't all kids wear them year round?!?! Mine do! :)

  2. Looks like a great week for you (mom and teacher)!

  3. I love the depiction of a day, week, month, year and 4 years; such a great visual! Hope "Leap Day" is wonderful for you and your kiddos!


    1. Thank you!! I really liked the visual too! The kids really need some help when it comes to understanding that amount of time.

  4. What is the Great Gilly Hopkins about??

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    1. It is a book from '78. The young girl is moving to a new foster home and it is about her struggle with this and wanting acceptance from her birth mother.
      I enjoyed it.

  5. I love that my kids love Elephant and Piggie and will read them over and over and over again!


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