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Jul 28, 2018

The beginning of the year is a busy time of year.  Setting up routines, procedures, getting to know you activities, organizing supplies, and five million other things that we must balance to have a healthy classroom environment.

Among these first weeks of classroom environment "set-up," we also want to establish the place that books play in the life of our classroom.  Some students come to us with book love already in place and some may not have much experience with books.  So it is important to talk about it and let the students know how you feel about books and the value you place on them.

And there are some great books to help you do this!

I have some favorites that have been used year after year.  But this one is new to me this year!  It is called Look! by Jeff Mack.  In this story, the gorilla is desperately trying to get a boy to pull his eyes away from the television to look at a book!  He goes to great lengths (just as we do) to engage this young child!
I will not spoil the ending for you; although, I am sure you can predict it!  This is a new read that will occur in our classroom this year!

In case you are looking for other books that focus on this same topic, here are some of my favorites:

beginning of the school year books

 If you have some more to recommend, I would LOVE to hear what they are!! Thanks!

The book Look! is linked to an independent book store in South Bend, Indiana.  I am not an affiliate in any way.  Just a girl that tries to support independent book stores!

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