Summer Reading for ME

Jul 8, 2018

 Refresh, relax, rethink!  Summer provides these things for our teacher brains.  I certainly need to relax a busy year of failing, succeeding, drowning (at times), and dancing (at times).  This relaxation takes on many forms, but one way is through reading books that I enjoy.  Here are a few of my summer reads so far:


One thing I have learned about myself as a reader this summer...I can not do heavy, heavy, heavy.  I love a good book that is going to open me up to a different perspective or touch on something difficult that will challenge me to think beyond myself.  But I also need to balance that out with something lighter.  And that is okay.

Professionally, I am always looking to push myself.  But like Tammy said over at Forever in First, "..I need to know I'm doing a thing or two right sometimes..."  Yes!!  Sometimes I just need to know that I am on the right track.  This summer I have read the following books:

If you have not seen these books, you will need to check back for a more in-depth analysis.  From Striving to Thriving is actually under review over at Adventures in Literacy Land.  Each chapter is being discussed!   All three of these books validated what I am doing but also challenged me to try some new ideas.  

On the horizon...I still have more to learn this summer.  Here are two books that I hope to dive into soon.


What are some of your good reads this summer?  I am always looking for books that get me thinking, challenge me, or provide me with a good love story (guilty pleasure).
Happy reading!

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