Classroom Spaces

Aug 20, 2018

The space we inhabit on a day to day basis is important.  We all have our own styles, comfort levels, and quirks.  It can make sharing a space with little ones easy or hard.  It can make sharing a space with other adults easy or hard.  Regardless of all of this, one thing is pretty clear...starting the year off with a fresh start is essential.

This does not mean you buy all new things or you have a new "look" to your room each year.  Nope.  It just means that you feel fresh, organized (whatever that means for you), and ready to welcome a new batch of faces.

I no longer have a room since I teach in a smaller group format.  But my little corner is an important one to me.  So it is clean and ready to be added to by the readers and writers that I will work with.  As I walked around my building today, everyone was working so hard to make our students feel welcome.  And I found that there were special parts to each room that I walked into.

When I walked into both of these second grade classrooms, there was an inviting feel. The soft greens and browns of this room felt calming.  The cute cacti hanging out around the room give it some fun pops of color! I loved her empty boards around the room that were ready to be filled up by students.

The other room is splashed with pinks, yellows, and greens.  The colors are fun and engaging.  This small centerpiece hangs over a round table, giving it a feel of importance and excitement.

Our third second grade teacher has been working to integrate flexible seating into her classroom.  When I walked into her room this year, I found a small picnic table.  I was drawn to it immediately.  The students are surrounded by many different seating options to fit their diverse needs!

As I moved into the first grade classrooms, I found different parts of each room that I gravitated towards.  Our newest first grade team member, had freshly painted boards eagerly awaiting to be filled by students and a ready to use calming corner.  This little area has books, a stuffed buddy, and a cozy chair.
One of my favorite spots in Maria's room is her golden frames!  These quickly get filled up by "golden" work completed by students.  It may be a well constructed hook or an illustrated picture that is showcased within the frame. But it means so much to a firstie to be "shown-off" in one of these frames.

In our third first grade classroom, I seek out all of the stations.  Each one is filled with a variety of books to be explored.  This is the listening station.  But as you can see, there are baskets and baskets to be rooted through once the listening is through.  There is no place in these classroom walls that is not within arms length of a basket of books.

In each of our kindergarten classrooms, my eyes immediately darted to certain parts of their rooms.  Each classroom offers places for these new little learners to explore.  I could not stop checking out all the books on display in this bookcase.  I love to see books out in the open and ready to be looked at and read over and over again.  It is especially important for the children that may be receiving their first experiences with books.
Along with all the books, I found more play in each of the kindergarten classrooms.  Yay!!  It was so exciting to see a kitchen set, grill, doll house, tool set.  For so many teachers, this type of play had to be removed from the classroom for more "academic" purposes.  But we know so much learning is acquired through play.   It is back!  And I am so happy to see it.

In our third kindergarten classroom, I found a rather inviting circle.  This is the whole group area.  But I really liked the way it was set up.  It felt inclusive.  There was no open sides to the area.  But rather, the circle had seating, an easel, and a wall surrounding it.  To me, it felt like a place where everyone would fit, everyone would belong.

Each classroom has such different things to offer because each classroom is constructed by a teacher alongside their students.  Our teachers and students hold the heart to the classroom and the environment within it.
I am excited for a new year.  And we are ready for our students.


  1. So many beautiful rooms and spaces. Yes, it is not about "new" things or ideas, rather a new start, a fresh year. Thanks for sharing great photos!

    1. I hope it has been a good week for you so far! The fresh start has been nice! And all those fresh faces. I love seeing them.


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