Jan 12, 2019

 Every since I learned about "one little word," I have actually found more success with my goals for a new year.  Resolutions never stuck for me and the guilt set in that I was failing #perfectionistproblems.
Over the past few years I have chosen one word to help me shape or guide my year.  Last year, I chose create.  It ended up being a great word for me and meant more than I had even intended.  In the end, I felt like I had created more space for me enjoy hands on activities for me and my family.

This year my word is connect.

Although, my blog has not received as much love as it did a few years ago...and although, my TPT store could (for sure) be worked on more...what is actually bringing more joy to my life are the connections with people in my life.

Yes, family.  Our routines seem to keep changing as we all grow.  Connecting to these growing girls through books, playing games, or crafting is proving to be necessary and so important to our relationship.

Yes, friends.  To nourish my soul with adult conversation is just as important as time being a mom or time spent on my career.  I need to connect with people.  Talk through things, laugh, play games, hike, etc.  Allowing myself this time has brought me so much joy.

Yes, myself.  I am a master at avoiding this.  A 30 day yoga challenge has been one way that I have worked on connecting to myself.  It takes everything in me to allow myself this small amount of time to just breathe, connect, and open up to this flow.  It was something I didn't realize I needed to do more of.

So, although, I am doing some of the things listed above, I want to make it a point to continue.  I don't want the relationships that I have built with friends afar to slip.  I don't want to forget to connect with my girls in more ways than homework or chores.   Joy is what I am looking for this year and I know I can accomplish that through connections with others.

 What do you hope work towards this year?


  1. I love this (as always!!!)! What a great word, thanks for giving us a glimpse into how you connect and find joy in your life.

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