And We Are....

Jul 16, 2012


Friday and Saturday were amazing!  I hated being away from my little ones for the last two days, but again... I felt a little famous.  :)  We started the day warming up for our performance that took place at the Masonic Temple after a super fun bus ride on a charter bus that was DONATED to us thanks to our fellow choir member, Phil.
My "bus buddy" Sara
We walked out to a wonderful, heart warming welcome of applause.  We sang our little hearts out for our choir director who was also once my show choir teacher.   Had a little lunch at the Duke Energy Convention Center, a little shopping, and then back to the Masonic Temple to watch some FANTASTIC choirs from Columbia, China, South Africa, and Indonesia. 
My friend and fellow teacher Melissa

My Choir

The World Choir Bell

This picture is my favorite!  Old Glory being hoisted up after one of the Choirs from the USA won!!!!!  I can't remember which division, but it was like the Olympics.  Our flag was raised and we were all on our feet singing The National Anthem.  It was AMAZING!!!!!!

So, on Saturday we went to the Closing Ceremony and it was amazing!  I know I've used that word at least 3 times... I should put a counter on the side.  :)  Choirs from all over the world were there and we all sang several songs that we had to prepare to sing.  Idina Menzel also sang several songs.  She was such a trooper to even sing because she was sick the night before.  Wow, that's dedication!   We also sang "O Happy Day" with Marvin Winans.  Everyone in the arena were on their feet clapping and singing.  It was an inspirational performance.  The ceremony ended with everyone singing "We Are the World" with Marvin and Idina. I wish I had better pictures to show of that, but I only had my phone and it didn't take such good pictures.  I will try to get some from friends and post them later.  I hope you were able to feel some of my excitement.  Now that the games are over :(  I will post more school stuff.... maybe later tonight!  I need to get focused!


  1. Congratulations! I wish I could have heard you and Melissa sing!


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