Fun Find

Jul 7, 2012

It's still H-O-T here!  CUHrazy hot!  On our way home from church today, our car temperature gage read 106 degrees!!!!!!

Earlier this week, my girls and I went out shopping to our usual favorite, Sam's!  :)  One of our traditions is Icee's.  I used to  lie tell my girls that only Sam's sold Icee's until my oldest started to read and saw the word Icee like everywhere.  BACKFIRE!  Then, it changed to, "We only buy Icee's at Sam's because they are cheaper." All parent's do this, right? 

On our way to Sam's, we stopped at Kohl's, have you been there recently?  If not, get there!  They have Skippyjon Jones!  He's is the cutest thing ever.  I was only going to buy one for my classroom, but walked out with three and all of the books!  They are in the Kohl's Cares section up in the front of the store.  Check out these cuties!
(Oldest and Middle along with Skippy)
He comes complete with mask and cape!  I am in NO WAY affiliated with Kohl's, just love a bargain and he's just so darn cute!

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