Hot, Hot, Hot

Jul 5, 2012

Are you a part of this HEAT WAVE????  It has been so H-O-T here in Cincy!  We have spent a lot of our time at the gym and pool with our fabulous friends.  All this heat makes me think about how unbearable it is in our classroom because I teach in an older building with NO AIR!  That means when outside it is a mere 90, inside it's in the 100s.  :(   I try to beat the heat with several fans, but then I feel like I am screaming at my firsties.
One little trick I learned from my fellow curious teacher Karen, has only two ingredients.

1. water       2. spray bottle

I fill a spray bottle with cold water and when my firsties come in from recess, I give them two (sometimes three) squirts mists in the face.  Be sure your spray bottle is on the right setting prior to misting your little ones.  I will tell you the kids L-O-V-E this and the faces you will see are hilarious!  Now, you are probably thinking, "What if someone doesn't want a mist?"  Well.... all they have to do is place their little firstie hands over their face and walk on by. 

So, how do you beat the heat in your classroom?

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  1. I wanted to do this with my little Gert because she is such a hot kid! Your students always seem to enjoy it so much. But my girls found a new use for the glass screen door. Have at it, girls!! One less thing for me to clean :)


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