Jul 10, 2012

My oldest daughter is 3 and she loves to dress up in all sorts of princess dresses and super hero capes.  We decided she could have a super hero party for her birthday (even though it is not until November)!  This led us to start discussing what our "superpowers" are.  It is so much fun to listen to my girls come up with their own ideas of what "superpowers" my husband and I have.  Final decision: the dad  has the superpower "making the best hamburgers" and the mom (me) has the superpower "making the best special bread."  Can you tell this conversation took place during dinner?  This led me to think about the people around me and all the different superpowers they possess.  I wonder how we can magnify some of those superpowers in our students.


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  1. I wish I knew what my superpower was. If I figure it out, I want an outfit to go with it! :)


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