Back From the Fantasy World

Oct 15, 2012

Last week I left the real world for a few days to enter a world full of princesses, pirates, costumes, and lots of fantasy!  Where else are those things but Disney World.  I know, I know, bad teacher...right!  Leaving my little firsties for three husband was going to conference down south and I could not pass up taking my two little girls to that fantasy land!

The moment they have been waiting for...seeing that castle!

Their favorite princess!

Kisses from the famous Mickey!

That teacher brain is always sneaking up, even on vacation.  Ruby is learning to write and I did a little mini-lesson help on writing postcards.

She was so excited to write the postcards to her friends!

I forgot that as a kid, I collected postcards and loved sending them to people.  There is a box somewhere in my basement filled with blank postcards from around the country.  And I still love going to antique stores and reading old postcards (is that weird?).  There may be some firsties out there that enjoy this type of communication.  We may have to tap into this writing.

The teacher brain did not seem to stop there.  On the way home we had a 3 hour layover in Chicago and somehow my two little princesses were amazing.  I was seriously surprised impressed.  I had brought these three little readers:

The girls really enjoyed the stories because it took "The Three Little Pigs" a little farther.  I actually had not read the books and we were predicting together what the wolf was going to do next.  It was fun to listen to the ideas of a two and (almost) four year old.  Our firsties can make some great predictions about the next actions of that big, bad wolf and how the pigs get him to leave town.  It's the "Three Little Pigs" and there are a million activities that we all know we can do with this classic story; however, these books just inspired some new thinking for me.

So the fantasy is over for now and I need to get back to the focus of the week.  Party of One is having a link up party called 5 for Five.  This is a perfect opportunity for me to get my head back in the "game" and have some accountable goals for the week.  I'm linkin' up!

Goal 1: Get all this post-vacation laundry off my floor.  It is washed and dried...but it will stay sitting unfolded on my floor until Saturday because my nights just fly by (and then I sit at my computer to pin, blog, pin, blog).  I want this laundry off the floor by Wednesday!

Goal 2: Hem my husband's pants.  This one may sound silly.  It is one of those little things that has been in the back of my mind for weeks.  I think I said I would hem them like 5 weeks ago.  Hasn't happened.  It will this week! :)

Goal 3: Take 2-3 fall walks this week.  My girls will challenge this one.  I'll have to get creative...

Goal 4: Analyze the green chimp reading groups.  This may or may not need to be done.  But I have been wanting to look at the big picture of all their scores.  This is a review week, which makes it the perfect week to regroup (if needed).

Goal 5: Order stencil, rug, and prep bookshelf.  Ruby is getting a "Cinderella" room as her birthday present this year.  In order to have the makeover complete, I have to get started.

Here's hoping for a productive week!  And getting back into the swing of things.  What are your goals this week?



  1. YAYAYAY you linked up! They're all great goals and I know you'll get them all accomplished, if not started! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. Hey Sara! Hope you got some of your walking in. I got one walk in so far this week. I was excited about that! :)

    2. I've done ZERO walks this week... but I'll be walking around tomorrow for quite a while visiting my sister at college so that helps! Glad you got one walk in at least! That's a step in the right direction :)


  2. SO happy you linked up with us!! LOVING reading your goals- so many good things to check off the list. You've got this, girl! Thanks again for linking up!

    1. What a great link-up idea! Thanks! It really made me think.

  3. Great goals! Thanks for linking up!! Your Disney vacation looked amazing - how fun for your girls!

    1. Thanks Jessica! We had a good time. They were in awww the whole time. I am trying hard to get my goals accomplished :)


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