LOVING Writers Workshop!! Ohio Blogger Meet Up!

Oct 8, 2012

I am LOVING writing with my firsties.  Yes.... it is the only thing I'm teaching, BUT I just LOVE it!  We have been working on our small moments stories since last week and of the children I've met with, their stories are GREAT!  Here are some of the things we've been working on:
1.  Crossing out instead of erasing.  This way I can see what's being changed/worked on. 
2.  Writing one thought per page. This way we can add, delete, and change MUCH easier. 
3.  Adding details to our writing.  With my blue firsties, I've taught them how to use a carrot when adding words/phrases/etc. So fun to see them actually do it in their writing!
4.  Making sure our illustrations match our words.
Here is one of our firsties work.  Pay attention to his pictures.  They are so adorable AND they match his words!!!!!!
"When I was 4 I had a net. I (I think he erased this one) went to the beach with my mom and dad and my net"

"When I put the net in the pool, I was scared."

"When I lifted the net up I found a crab!"

"I was surprised.  I went to my dad and he was surprised too so we went to the ocean."

"I took the net to the ocean and the crab crawled into the ocean."  I LOVE his crab crawling back!  :)
This is one of my higher guys writing.  He added A LOT of details after our conference, but I realized he took out MOST of his punctuation.  This is what I like to call... Job Security!  :)

If I had three school wishes, one would be to have extra teachers in my room during writers workshop to meet with firsties.  I know this will get much better as we continue to build our stamina.  It's just... I don't know how much stamina I have to wait for stamina to be built.  :)
My two other school wishes are yet to be determined. 

We also read this story  .  Have you ever read this????  It is soooo funny!!!! 
We worked this week on supporting why we like a story or why we don't like the story.  Here are two samples. 

I LOVE inventive spelling!!!!!  :)

Finally, Em and I traveled to Columbus today for an Ohio Blogger meet up!!!  It was a GREAT time and we were able to meet wonderful bloggers who were SO helpful and gave us a TON of GREAT information!!! Head on over to Miss V's Busy Bees to see our new friends!  Thanks soooo much to Sara, Debbie and Nancy for getting this together!!!  :)  Can't wait to see you again soon!!!!!! 

BE CURIOUS this week!!!


  1. I so agree with your thoughts!!! I would love to have wing teacher during writing time! Scaredy Squirrel is no scaredy in my classroom-visits quite often :-) SMILES!!!

  2. We LOVE Scaredy Squirrel! We just found you through Sara and think your meetup sounds like it was so much fun! We are now following and would love it if you stopped by sometime!!
    Katie & Lisen
    Second Grade Smartypants

  3. Oh my gosh, look at this, Maria! I love what they came up with! And Scaredy Squirrel is probably one of THE cutest books I've ever read! Thanks for sharing what you did with it :)

    And as always - loved loved loved meeting you gals! So happy you were able to come out :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    PS. Katie & Lisen are two of the sweetest women you'll ever meet!! :)

  4. Hi Girls!
    Just wanted to pop by and say hello! I'm now totally sure I'm one of your followers! :) It was so great meeting you both yesterday!

    A Pirates Life for Us

    1. Jenn-It was so great to meet you! So nice to know we are in this boat together :) Looking forward to checking out your blog and becoming one of your newest followers!



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