12 in '12

Dec 11, 2012

My curious friend Em posted her 12 in '12 HERE. yesterday.  It's funny when you have a blog with several different authors because you can be typing a blog post at the exact same time and not really know it until you post.  :)  So here is my 12 in'12!

Here we go.... This is Maria's 12 in '12
12.  Favorite movie you watched:


I watched this with my girls and we laughed and were a wee bit scared.  But all-n-all, we LOVED it!

11.  Favorite TV Series:
One of my FAVORITES!!!!  I secretly wish I was Piper in this show.  
Oh to be a spy and in the CIA.  :)
10.  Favorite Restaurant:
hmm.... so hard!  Mr. E. and I try to get out at least once a month.  Sometimes it happens and often it doesn't.  We've been to Bravo a few times and it's YUMMY!  :)  But I am loving Red Robin's Ceasar Chicken Wrap and they don't care that my girlies are loud!  :)
9.  Favorite new thing you tried:
This summer my friend Erin talked me into taking a class at the gym.  We've belonged there for four years and I had taken 0 classes.  :)  Well.... I loved it!  It was called BARBELL and I felt SUPERMAN strong lifting my total of 5 lbs. on my bar.  :)
8.  Favorite gift you got:
I feel like I'm given a gift each morning when I wake up. 
 So... thank you Lord for the gift of opening my eyes each morning to see the beauty of the world you created around me.
7.  Favorite thing you pinned:

Don't worry, I saw this on Pinterest!

6.  Favorite blog post:
There are too many great posts out there to choose from.  I've LOVED blogstalking and have learned so many great things.  This is one thing I'm proud of.  It's the first thing I actually made that was more than one page.  :)

5.  Best Accomplishment:
Starting to blog has been a big accomplishment for me.
4.  Favorite Picture:
I love these super cute girls!  I love their innocence and happiness with life.
3.  Favorite Memory:
Being in the World Choir Games this summer and earning a Silver Diploma.
2.  Goal for 2013:
To do something special with/for Mr. E. a few times a month leading up to our 10 year anniversary.
1.  One Little Word:


  1. Thanks for sharing your 12 in 12!
    I need PATIENCE! Lots of it actually! Feeling a bit frazzled!
    Your SILVER Diploma is quite an honor! CONGRATS!
    Happy Holidays!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe


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