Reading Recovery Conference Anyone?

Feb 3, 2013

So today my curious friend Em and I ventured up to Columbus for the annual
Reading Recovery Conference. 
This was my first year attending and I'm SO happy I went for many reasons. 
5.  There was a GREAT keynote speaker today. Peter Johnston talked about RTI. He was very easy to listen to and was very humorous.  :)
4.  Em and I attended one AMAZING session on research writing.  UH-mazing I tell you!  I'm so going to implement this into my upcoming writing/learning about US symbols and research reports.
3. Then, we left our second session(just not really what we thought it was going to be) to attend another FANTASTIC session on Using Science Inquiry and Writing TOGETHER!  The ladies welcomed us with open arms and were so wonderful! Not to mention they entertained the bagillion few questions we had about implementation.

2.  We've been looking for a more concrete writing program.  This year has been interesting for me as just the writing teacher.  I've been able to connect to a lot of literature and mentor texts, but I feel like I've been searching for more direction, or maybe a program that gives me more direction instead of coming up with EVERYTHING including the kitchen sink on my own.  At the Expo we ran into stumbled upon
 Developmental Studies Center. This non-profit has a program called Being a Writer! Needless to say I was jumping up and down with joy having a very adult conversation with the consultant.  Em and I are SUPER excited to get more info from these guys because we were VERY in love with what we saw.  We were also able to see the connections in our Inquiry session because those gals already use this program and SANG. it's. praises.! Very comforting.  These super sweet ladies are also from O-H-I-O!
1.  Now... I know you're wondering why I'm counting down. 
 Let me tell ya.  I had just said to my friend Em.... "I wonder if Abby (from The Inspired Apple) is here because she's a Title 1 teacher now."  Guess what friends.... she.was.there!
We walked into our first session about Research Writing and Abby was in it!  I'm sure she thinks I'm a babbling LUN-A-TIC because I went up to her like I had known her forever.  Me: Hi Abby! I follow your blog, LOVE it, You're amazing! Not even sure what I said after that.  I felt like I met a movie star because ladies.... she's famous in our bloggy world! 
She is one of the nicest, sweetest, most genuine ladies you'll EVER meet!  We chatted for a long time about school mostly. (I hope she wasn't late to her next session) and yes... I did ask to get a pic with her. Wouldn't you?
So thanks Abby for chatting with Em and I and yes... I am serious when I say if you want to borrow a little lady for a few hours... I have three who would LOVE to play with Beckham!
Did anyone else out there go to the conference??????


  1. Hi Maria!
    My best friend Angie called me last night to tell me all about Peter Johnston and her amazing seminars that she was attending. I am a huge Peter J. fan and feel so bad I could not attend this year!
    Looks like You had a great time!
    I always come home from those conferences overloaded with a ton of new things I want to try!

  2. So great meeting you two!!!!! Glad your pic is better than my blurry one!!!!!

    I am loving this conference and eating up every word I hear!!!!

    And, I might take you up on the playdate offer!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for mentioning our session in your blog! That was very sweet of you! So what type of session did you think you were coming to? We had a few other people surprised at the science content!

    1. We had actually signed up for a different session and left that session because it was not what we thought. SOOOOO glad we did because your session was AWESOME!!!!

  4. Hi Girls!
    I've never heard of this conference! Is it always this time of year? It sounds like it would be right up my alley too! How cool to meet that bloggy celebrity! :)
    Hope all is well!

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