Starting to Get Fancy--Five for Friday

Apr 19, 2013

We are working hard to get ready for our "Fancy Tea Party" to show-off our fancy writing.  The Yellow Monkeys started making flowers to go in vases on the tables.  The flowers showcase numbers that are ten more and ten less.
I saw some super cute birds on Projects for Preschoolers.  Since we were reading Mole and the Baby Bird this week, I decided these birds would be perfect for a following the directions activity.
If you want the direction sheet that I used-just click the photo!
Our Green Chimps were struggling with week with the concept of ten more and ten less.  So Natalie and I decided to move backwards--analyzing the hundreds chart.  We started creating our own.
Then we had them color each row and cut up each row to create a "puzzle."  We think hope it was successful and they are ready to move on!
Cincinnati has an amazing zoo!  Each Thursday in April they host "Tunes and Blooms."
I have never taken the time to figure out how to make one of those great signatures that everyone in blogland has.  So Maria did the work for me!  And I just absolutely adore it (that's a fancy word for like a lot)--gotta love Fancy Nancy.


  1. I also adore your signature...that's something I haven't gotten around to adding to my blog yet :)

    Carolina Teacher


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