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Jul 2, 2013

I have been thinking about this for a long time.  I wanted something for my firsties to say each time they enter the classroom because I need them to believe they are author's.  Click on the picture for your copy.  :)

I don't know why the apples are showing up.  On the actual page, you can't see the background lines.  Thanks to The Hazel Owl   Hazel Owl Credit Buttons/Images   for the SUPER CUTE apples!  I LOVE THEM!
The border is from Tales from Outside the Classroom. 
Finally, the font is from KG Fonts. Kimberly Geswein Fonts

This is how our Colorpalooza run went on Saturday.  My oldest LOVED it and really wants to do it again next year.  This year we were filling in for friends, but next year, I think we will definitely take part in support of the Susan B. Komen.  It was different than what I'm used to when I do a run.  I'm used to timers, organized water stations, guns to start the race, a number that is actually tied to me and my time.  Well.... let's just say this was the opposite of all that. We still had a FANTASTIC time and she got to throw the colored dust on me as much as she wanted, so I think that was also a bonus for her and I didn't mind at all.

Before the race
Post Race.  Sorry for the clarity of the picture on the right, but for most of the race, my phone was tucked in a plastic bag to protect it.  :)

My oldest taking aim......  I was blasted with PINK after this!  :)

The color party after the race.  There was a countdown and everyone threw the color packet we were given when crossing the finish line!  There was a LOT of that color dust!  I found it in places that will go unmentioned for days.  :)  If you ever have the chance..... I highly suggest this NON-competitive run! :) 


  1. I LOVE your author's creed! I have been trying to think of something similar to use in my classroom. I would like to use something as a daily statement of learning goals, in general. I love your idea for a creed specifically for "authors," tho! That is brilliant!

    1. You are so sweet, Leslie! I'm so happy you'll be able to use this. I just feel so strongly, especially with the Common Core, that our firsties need to BELIEVE in themselves and their strength as authors.
      Maybe... I should write another one for using punctuation, capitals... you have my wheels turning.

  2. I love this author's creed! I am going to hang it up in my classroom in the fall. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Kristy @ 2 Peas and a Dog Teaching Blog

  3. Such a cool Author's Creed! Love your Color Run pics too! We did one in Ann Arbor in May (our 1st) and we're doing another one in Toledo this August with my 6 year old niece for her birthday! We're newbies when it comes to running so it was a fun, stress-free run for us! We laughed so much that day! :)
    Hope you girls had a good 4th!

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