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Aug 6, 2013

I have been ever so slowly working on things this summer.  I still have a writing packet that is "in progress" maybe I will finish it sometime in this next century.  :)  But I was able to make my writing binder covers and notes pages for this year.  I'm not sure which notes page I'm going to use because I just kind of like writing notes on our conferences as they go along, but I do find the checklist a little helpful too so I can write down the more meatier stuff.  :)  Everything here is free for you!  :) 

I'm not sure why these came up not.so.how.I.wanted.them.to.  grr.....  Anyway, if you click on the pictures, you'll be taken where they are beautiful.  :)  I need to make sure I write down who I'm using for all my fonts, backgrounds and borders.  I keep forgetting.  I know I've been in L.O.V.E. with the Rowdy in Room 300, Gingersnap, Kimberly Geswein Fonts.  These ladies are SUPER talented!  I also used circle badges from The Hazel Owl and my background is from Sunny Day in First Grade.  Amazing Ladies, too!  I also used the chevron apples from The Hazel Owl.  I love her stuff! 

I've also been catching up on my reading.....kind of.  I started a book about writing conferences by Carl Anderson called How's it Going?  In it he suggests using one of the following questions during your conferences to be sure the conferences are consistent and have a predictable routine.  I agree. And thinking back to my conferences last year..... I think I was pretty good at that.  I am going to keep these questions close at hand and I think I will use this one the most, "What are you doing as a writer today?"  Here are the questions for you!
Thanks again to Kimberly Geswein and Gingersnap Fonts, chevron frames from Lovin' Lit., and those cute chevron apples from The Hazel Owl.  YIKES! I don't remember where I got these cutesy flower labels either, so if you know, please tell me so I can give the appropriate credit!  :)  The cute boy and girl you will see in the packet are from ink in little things.  :)
I will for sure have more to share as school gets closer.  We start back on the 19th.  I'm super excited and have been into my classroom about three times.  The girls and I are headed there tomorrow...... pictures to come!  :)

Happy Writing!

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  1. Your writing binder looks great! Love the background! ;) I can't wait to see pictures of your classroom!! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade


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