Love for Reading is in the Air (FREEBIE included)

Jan 24, 2014

February is approaching so fast and the love of reading has been on my mind. From that thinking came this:
This is a FREEBIE.  Just click on the image to grab it.

My thinking about the "love of reading" came about from a post I have been working on for this:
I was writing about how my love for reading came about. Honestly, I am not sure that I've thought about it much.  I don't quite remember learning to read.  It just kind of happened.  What I do remember is reading every book from the "Babysitter's Club" series that I could get my hands on.  This is not great literature at all (which I didn't know at the time) but I couldn't get enough of it.  I am watching the same thing happening right now with my 3 and 5 year old girls.  They have fallen in love with the "Rainbow Fairies."  Have you seen these?

Also...not great literature.  But we have read one set of 7 and now we are onto another set.  And I believe they are becoming life long readers from this.
It made me start thinking about my students.  I wonder what book/s will make them become life long readers.  Could it be the Fancy Nancy books they read in Maria's writing class?  Could it be the Frog and Toad series that Karen reads?  Or is it something that I would not think to introduce to them?  I know that the "Rainbow Fairies" and "Babysitter's Club" are not books that are probably introduced in the classroom.  I wonder how I can help them find their way.

What do you think?


  1. What was it about the Babysitter's Club? I think I read 50 of them! Thanks for the activity. I love the differentiation. :)

  2. It's sometimes hard to guess what kind of books a kid will like. I bought a bunch of those Magic Treehouse books for Delaney, thinking she would just love them...she had no interest. We were lucky when I was a kid, we lived 1 block away from the library. My sisters and I would go all the time. I'm too old for the Babysitter's Club, but I remember when I would find a book I liked, I would read every one by that author. As I was writing this, it hit me, we live 1 block from the library too, but I don't think I would let Delaney walk over there without me or someone else a little older.
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  3. Those heart Venn Diagrams are perfect! What a great idea! :)


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