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Oct 5, 2014

Morning work...I may have mentioned that my teammates decided to change it up a bit this year.  No more worksheets or silent reading.  Instead...iPads.

Each day the students have a different folder to pick apps from.  We've got "Math Monday," "Terrific Spelling Tuesday,"  Writing Wednesday," and "Reading Thursday."  Friday is a free choice day.  Some of the apps that are available: Splash Math, Farfaria, RazKids, Scribble Press, and Rhyme to Read are just a few.

I wanted to focus on Rhyme to Read today because the company was nice enough to let me try it out with my students.  And what I found is that they really enjoy it and I love that it connects to what I am teaching!


There are 20 books lined up on bookshelves.  Each book focuses on one word family.  Perfect!  Right now we are working on short vowel sounds.  Once a book is chosen and opened up, the students see one word from that particular word family.  With each page, a new word from that word family is introduced.  I really like that each onset is one color and the rime is a different color.  Students can see how the words are connected.


The words are then put into a sentence on the opposite page.  Yes!!! That is what they need.  They need to see those words in print.

What is great is that these books connect to what I am currently teaching; therefore, my students can read this books independently.  This can be during our morning work or during my phonics block.  But if they do get stuck on a word, they can tap the word and it is read to them.  Thank you!! It shows them how to blend those sounds together.  This little bit of modeling is just what some of them need.

We'll continue to use this app as we grow as learners this year!

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