Sunday Scoop

Nov 16, 2014

I feel like I have not linked up with anyone in awhile!  I saw this over at Teaching Trio and decided to link up really quick (really...I think I am avoiding some work that I need to dig into!)

Each Sunday has some components that stay the same.  My husband gets our food ready for the week (rice, chicken, or turkey burgers).  We also iron all the clothes that we need for the week.

These past few weeks have been particularly busy (hmm...sound familiar to anyone else?)  But today, it slowed down a little.  Why you may ask?  Because the two parties that I have been planning for the past few weeks ended yesterday.  They were fun to plan, set up for, and host.  But phew!  They are over.  This is why I am happy to stay home and really hope to read my book and watch some tv.  But there is some work to be finished first.


  1. Today is a PJs day at our house as well! Enjoy your Sunday!


  2. I wish today was pj's day at my house!!! Though it is after noon and I am still in mine!!!! Have to go to the gym and library later though. Enjoy your day!

  3. I went Christmas shopping today. I felt like I accomplished quite a bit, but nothing around here got done. There is always next weekend, right? Have a great week!


  4. I can totally relate! I try to run all my errands on Saturday and make Sunday a pajamas-work-on-computer day :)
    I need to get back to linking up for Sunday Scoop! Have a wonderful week, Jen


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