My One Little Word

Jan 4, 2015

It's 10:22 PM.  Sunday night.  We just returned from a VERY QUICK trip to Cleveland and Mansfield visiting family.  I opened my school email to find a post from the Two Writing Teachers.  If you don't follow these ladies, do.  Especially if you're like us and love all things about writing. :)

Here's what was written to start the post about One Little Words or OLW. :)
"Have you chosen your One Little Word (OLW) for 2015 yet? A One Little Word acts a beacon, a guiding light, directing one’s way for the year. When you get inundated with all that life brings, this is a word that can help you know what deserves your YES, and what really should get a NO. The right OLW will help to focus your time and energy away from that which is making the most noise and toward that which you truly value."  -  Anna Gratz Cockerille

Well, this got me thinking about what my beacon will be for this year, what my OLW is going to be.  There are so many great words out there.  So many.  But if I had to choose just one, I choose this one....


This word speaks to me for so many different reasons.  One reason is that I want to be the author of my story.  This story for the last AHEM... 37 years has been carefully orchestrated and full of twists and turns.  It has been a story rooted in faith that has been shaken and strengthened.  It's been a story that has had MANY, MANY highs and several lows.  This year as the author of my story I will be able to share with you how we, as a family, are living out the story that has been already written for us.   I'm going to keep Anna's word about time in the back of my mind because as the author of my story I'm able to carefully choose what goes into our story.
Another reason I'm choosing this word is for the firsties in my class.  I want to show them that I am an author.  I want to write WITH them and share my love and passion for writing.  I am currently reading Boy Writers by Ralph Fletcher and he's inspiring me to dig in with my boys. To help my boys understand they are AUTHORS in whatever they choose to write. 

So for these two reasons and countless others, this is my one.little.word. for 2015, what's yours?


  1. I love your explanation for your OLW :)
    I had chosen my word and posted about it before reading this, so mine was a little different take...I chose "hustle." I'm having a major "growth" (a.k.a. challenging) school year and I need to just stay focused and hustle through!
    Happy New Year!

  2. Great word and even better description! Loved reading it. Happy 2015!

  3. I chose iWrite. So I'm going to be watching you closely! How are you doing with that word now that a month has gone by?
    Books First in Maine


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