Believe Week Re-Cap

Dec 28, 2014

 A few weeks ago I wrote about the 2nd annual Believe Week that we hosted the week before winter vacation.  This is what we decided to plan:

 It was a fun way to celebrate our students and they had a great time.

On Monday, students celebrated their "star power."  They dressed up like super heroes.  Here is math her!

The students discussed a strength that they possess.  They wrote their "power" on a star and we created a tree.  It is beautiful!

star power

On Tuesday, students focused on being a mathematician.  They wore clothing with numbers and if they didn't have some...they made it!  So cute!

Our firsties even voted on the skill in which they shine the brightest:

we believe we are mathematicians

Wednesday theme: I believe I am a reader was quite a success!  Students were asked to dress as their favorite character.  Here is my team:

character dress up
THEN....there was a snowball fight in each classroom.  When students opened their snowball they found a number.

snowball fight for books

Then they were off to pick a book from the box with that corresponding number.  Each kid in the building got to go home with a book.

snowball fight for books

 I believe I am a writer was our Thursday theme.  Kids were to wear clothes with words.  I made this shirt for the day:

stories are everywhere

The second grade teachers all came to school dressed in black.  Immediately I thought, "Where are the words??"  But they had a plan and it was amazing!  When I peeked into their room, I saw this:

describing your teacher
 The kids were using descriptive words to describe each of the teachers.  Those words were being stuck all over them.  LOVE IT!!

Friday was "we believe you are a star" day.  Each grade level had a different idea of what they wanted to do.

Second grade studied Polar Express.  The kids got to dress like they were "under the stars."

 First grade studied Fancy Nancy and shared their writing pieces at a "fancy tea party."  They dressed up and walked the red carpet like stars this year!

 Kindergarten got to dress up as "star elves."  There were some awfully cute ones!

 It was a fun week!  And I already have some ideas for our third annual Believe Week next year!


  1. Love the whole concept of your believe week--how cool!! I'm sure the kiddos at your school enjoyed sharing their "super hero strenght" to others!
    -Lovely Nina

    1. Thank you so much!! They really did enjoy it! I can't wait until spring because we will need to do another school celebration!

  2. This is fabulous. I wish I had known about it sooner. This is my last year, so I can't save it for next Christmas, but maybe I could do something similar before the end of the school year. Believe is my power word and I love to do things that incorporate it. Thanks for sharing.

    Diamond Mom's Treasury

    1. I think the believe week could really happen at any point in the year. It seems like it would be a great way to end your last year!! Congrats!! If you come up with some other ideas, I would love to hear them!!

  3. Great and memorable week for your students! Love everything about it. Maybe I will propose this for our school for the week before spring break... Thanks for so many ideas!

  4. I'm glad it went so well. Your kids are blessed!


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