Sunday Letters

Feb 15, 2015

Dear Dad,
Thank you so much for taking my Ruby to her first dance.  She was so excited to buy a new dress, new shoes, and get all dressed up.  She could not wait for the big night to hang out with you!  And to top it all bought her ice cream!  I love you!
* Your Oldest Daughter

Dear Parents,
Thank you so much for attending conferences.
It means so much to us that you come and listen to all the great things that are going on with your child.  We are so thankful for the support.
*A Very Appreciative Teacher

Dear Whole Foods,
I was so sad that you stopped selling my favorite pretzel bun, Pretzilla.  My turkey burgers just won't taste the same again.
*Sad, but still devoted, Customer

Dear Sarah Mlynowski,
My girls and I have been seriously enjoying your "Whatever After" series.  Most princess chapter books have not been as pleasurable.  I find myself wanting to know what is going to happen next.    I am one grateful mom!
*A Mom of Two Girls

Dear Jess,
It has been so much fun trying out so may new ideas lately.  Finding ways to connect all their new learning to a real life experience is a fun challenge.  I am loving our math journey this year!  Can't wait for our 100 day smarter celebration!
*Your Math-Mate

Dear Team,
Thank you for taking over my load of teaching while I administer the PARCC.  I am so grateful to work on a team that I love, trust, and admire.  It is really, really hard to miss so much instructional time but know that we will support each other through it.

Dear Donors,
20 days ago my school started a fundraiser for a co-worker.  Her baby just had his 4th heart surgery.  We worked together to get the word out there.  The family was featured on 3 local news stations, local online newspaper, and all over social media.  We were able to raise over 11,000 dollars.  It is amazing to see so many people come together.  There is so much goodness :)
*A Thankful Friend

Thanks Michelle for this wonderful link up.


  1. I'm so excited...We are neighbors on the Linky!! Oh how I miss my dad. Your children and you are blessed to have him...Love him up!! My next read aloud is from the "Ever After" series...So excited!!

  2. Pretzel bun with a turkey burger sounds amazing! I'm sorry they stopped carrying your favorite. :( Hope you find a substitute soon. Have a good week!


  3. Hey there! Your little girl looks so cute for her dance and sounds like it was a fab time! Hope you're having a great week and it's not too cold where you are!

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! It is very, very cold. But we have not had many snow I'll take them :) It has been fun.


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