Believing in Our Students

Dec 28, 2015

My building decided to end our 2015 year with a celebration of the learning that has taken place.  But I think this would also be a great way to start the 2016 year!
We call it:
Believe Week.

Each day has a theme:
I believe in my dreams
I believe I'm a reader
I believe I'm a mathematician
I believe I'm a writer

Our ultimate goal for the week is for students to participate in activities that help them really SEE the learners that they have become throughout the year thus far.  There is so much to celebrate.

We kicked off the week with "I believe in my dreams."  And the book Someday by Eileen Spinelli was a perfect way to start the day.

What better way to celebrate than to bring in professionals to talk about potential careers for our young learners!

With an escort, each student followed one of the 20 paths that I created.  They got to visit with three different professionals.  There was such electricity in the building!  Kindergartens, first graders, and second graders all mixed up learning together about jobs that interest them.  It was so amazing to see all of our students so engaged, asking questions, and excited about the possibilities.

The event was wrapped up by the students writing down what they would like to "reach" for as their career.

The rest of the week focused on our students as readers, writers, and mathematicians.  We encouraged Spirit Wear for each of those days (and of course we dressed up too!)

The books that we dressed up as were added to the Readbox for students to check out!  Each book has a note from the teacher inside that dedicates the book.  The kids were beyond excited!!  Books were being requested :)

These outfits caused quite a bit of excitement for all K-2 students.  It caused a bit of confusion for some adults when I showed up at an impromptu meeting at our administration building.  Oops :)

After our first graders told Jess what characteristics I possess, she wrote them on my shirt.  Then each student got their own brown bag vest.  Students wrote characteristics on the vests.

Letting our students know that we believe in them as learners is valuable and important.  Taking time to celebrate the accomplishments made and the dreams to reach for is meaningful to our little ones but also to the adults that work with them.


  1. I love everything about this! The career day looks like so much fun; what interesting careers that they may not otherwise be exposed to. I like the bulletin board as well. I must find a way to incorporate something engaging when we learn about careers.


  2. OH MY!!! Fantastic. You are hired... come to my school and help us do this!!!

  3. Oh. What. Fun! I would love to teach in your building!! This would be a great way to start off the year...Can I pull it off with two days to plan?! Maybe some of it!! Thank you.

  4. Your school really does some wonderful things as a community. So great!


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