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Jan 4, 2016

Last year I chose the word:  Author.  I wanted to be the Author of all things that happened in my life.  I wanted to choose, be in control.  As you read, I chose the word, but this year was a little different.   This year as I was reading on the Two Writing Teachers blog, my word chose me.  Deb said this in her post, "This inner fire for education connects me to blogs, twitter, and books seeking new perspectives, ideas, and clarity."  And there it is was.... my one.little.word.  It just jumped out of those words and bit me in the mind and heart.  It's my word now.  I own it. I'm hoping it'll transform me again, as I need it.  I kind of lost this the last few years and I want to find it again.  I need to find it again.  It's something I need to find in more than one area of my life. 

Have I kept you  waiting long enough????????  Here's my word..... 

 I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this song.  have you ever heard it?  Listen to it with open ears, minds, and hearts.

Maybe your word jumped out and bit you while reading this post.  Maybe your word found you or maybe you're still searching for the perfect one.  It's ok, there's still time.  Don't rush it, just promise when you find it, you'll let me know what it is. :) 

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