What a week of TEAMWORK!

Aug 31, 2012

Every year we seem to get so Frustrated (capital F) because we have so many assessments to complete at the beginning of year and they seem to drag on, and on, and on, and on again.  This year we did it very Differently (capital D)!  We teamed up.  Two taught our wonderful firsties while the other two tested our little firsties!  And we got it all those individual tests done in 4 days!  Diagnostics and DRAs are D-O-N-E!

Many of lessons for our firsties were on expectations, procedures, social skills, and teamwork!  The students worked together to help us create a "garden" for our take-home book wall.  It was completed today.  And...wow!!! It really brightens up the little hallway that it is in.  I had to share.

It brightens my day!
Happy weekend everyone!



  1. You're hallway looks great! I am your newest follower. I also teach 1st, stop by sometime!
    Fun in 1st Grade

    1. Dana-
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I am now your newest follower!! :) I am looking forward to checking out your different ideas. Thanks!


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