What Blogging Did To Me

Jan 12, 2016

My blogging life started about 2 1/2 years ago.  Reading blogs did not start much before that.  As soon as I discovered this world, I loved the idea of sharing ideas, giving ideas, receiving ideas, and learning from fellow teachers around the country and world.  I feel like a late bloomer when it comes to blogging...I was 10 years into my career before I realized that it existed.

But I am here now.

When I agreed to join Maria on this blog adventure, I was not sure what I would get out of it.  The idea of sharing what we do was exciting.  Learning from other bloggers was also something I hoped for.  And meeting some people along the writing path would be nice too.

Those things totally happened!  I have shared (and reflected, referenced, and grown) through my writing.  I have learned (oh my goodness...have I Learned)!!  And friends...the friends I have made through blogging are true.  They listen, gently push, encourage, and inspire me.

But blogging did something else to me.  Something I did not see coming.

I have always been an avid learner.  My thirst for learning more teaching techniques is never quite quenched.  Luckily, I am in a district that supports my desire to attend conferences and workshops (at least what they can).  But in all honesty, the conferences I knew about were the ones that sent me a flyer to school.  And the professional books that I read were typically ones the school gave me or something I received during grad courses.

Being a part of this larger teaching community has opened my eyes to all that IS really out there when it comes to professional development and growing as educators.  Online book study posts and professional book recommendations...ummm...please and thank you!  My professional library has grown tremendously and having posts to come back to extend my thinking is really helpful.

Then there are the professional conferences that I have learned about, craved to go to, and attended.  They are not necessarily hidden conferences.  But I did not know or think to seek them out previously.  But when I hear reviews from other bloggers, I feel inspired and empowered to go. 

Blogging continues to push me in ways that I did not see coming.  I am thankful for this push because I will continue to strive to the best educator I can until my time to educator expires.
So please continue to inspire, encourage, and push each other.
I am listening.


  1. Love this post! So glad we met through blogging (and in real life). :)

  2. Oh YES! My thirst for knowledge is quenched and ignited all at the same time. Eager to see what happens next...
    Have a great Saturday!

  3. I've found some excellent reads through the blogging world, for sure. Sometimes too many to keep up with. :)

  4. I love this post so much.

    I am so glad we're friends. You are such a great listener, a constant encourager, and so inspiring to me!

  5. There is so much great content out there that I have discovered since becoming a blogger. I have always loved visiting other teachers rooms and talking to them about school. Now I can do all of that any time I want! Love it!


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