Sunday Scoop

Jan 17, 2016

Snow is falling.  The fingers are freezing (well...they always are) and I am wearing a cozy sweater.  Seemed like a good day for a Sunday Scoop.


  1. That sounds like a very busy Sunday! It is very lightly snowing here too. We have not had a sunny weekend this year! I hope you have a fantastic day tomorrow.
    Barton's Buzz

  2. I read another post about the book "Everything Everything" (not sure I remember who wrote it). Might need to look for that one. You'll have to let me know how it is!


  3. lol I thought you meant you were gonna read everything! Our PE department organized a skating field trip last year for the school. It was the worst! Kids don't know how to skate nowadays! smh

  4. I finished that book last weekend. Loved it!!! What have you thought?

  5. I just finished Everything Everything today. I really enjoyed it!


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